Eight chapters prior, we began with the outlining of a plan, a way to reclaim our government and society from the forces that have corrupted them. The Alliance Party is the first part of this plan’s strategy and is the primary mechanism to see its goals reached. Of the strategy behind this plan, it is transparent in intent and in means of execution. This is by design.

The Alliance Party is transparent at the core because it must be, and unlike the Republicans and the Democrats it does not bring decades of failure, debts and baggage with its platform. It does not need to cater to financial power brokers and make promises it knows it cannot keep to win elections. Nor does it need to lie to legitimize itself to the voting public.

Rather, the Alliance Party gains its legitimacy on the strength of its ideas. Ideas that are spared of divisive distractions that prevent us from working together to face and solve our real problems. Ideas that see those problems faced with actual solutions that seek, objectively, the betterment of our society and of our greater world. The Alliance Party is designed to take this approach because transparency is the basis for its strength, and it is also the basis on which it earns the public’s trust.

This is a point worthy of special consideration, as the Alliance Party is not the first political movement to promise transparency. Indeed, many have, and most have not lived up to their word. The Alliance Party does not have the luxury of breaking its promises, and because of that, it’s structured specifically so that it can never afford to. Implementing methods that force transparency and accountability are core functions of the framework and main selling points of the party platform. Thus any deviation from that or move against public transparency would instantly undermine its credibility. From the start this ensures that the party cannot act in such a way that it has something to hide, because by design, it has nowhere to hide it.

Combined with a post-partisan platform to attract the greatest numbers of voters, this empowers the party to act in ways today’s political establishment cannot and tell truths as they are – not as how our current power structure would like them told. Coming to the game with all cards laid on the table, lies can be called lies, the corrupted can be called corrupt and dirty secrets can be exposed. Entering today’s political dynamic is like walking into a stone-throwing fight, and we will not be casting stones from glass houses.

Yet to be certain, this embrace of transparency comes with telling truths that are not always popular. It also flies in the face of the commonly held notion that the average person is incapable of handling the truth, let alone voting on it wisely.

I disagree, and I architected this party specifically on that disagreement.

I believe that people can handle the truth. This writing’s content is a direct reflection of that, and I’m tired of hearing cynics claim otherwise as if it’s a foregone conclusion. I refuse to accept that we have to live in a society where a politician must lie to get elected. I refuse to accept that our laws must be written by people who are legally bribable, who need to operate in secret so that we may not discover the true nature of their actions – and I refuse to accept that our elections must be rigged in favor of them.

Most of all, I refuse to accept that I am naïve for thinking this. I don’t think it’s asking a lot to say that we deserve to have faith in our society, faith that our government is just and honest – and I believe that people deserve to have their faith rewarded.

So yes, I have every intent of launching this party to implement Universal Energy and I will make every effort to see its platform adopted by our political system. And as the party architect, I will be in charge of its initial growth, and if it launches successfully, as long as I sit on the Roundtable Council my primary focus will be to ensure that the party stays true to its mandate.

In architecting the Alliance Party and promoting its adoption, I will stake its success on the belief that faith can be placed in the average person, that they can hear the transparent truth, make wise decisions based on that truth and that the faith we place in them will earn their faith in kind.

Because if we can’t put faith in the ability of everyday people to act for a better future…then any chance we had for it is already lost.

If we are going to succeed in any of this, we will do so honorably, we will do so transparently and we will do so together – or we will not at all. Those are the only terms in which I will sign my name to this.

The Alliance Party will stake its success on this investment in transparency and the belief that people are capable of standing up and working together to build a future worth having, because that’s the only way these problems are going to be solved. And above all others, that is a goal worth fighting for – and fighting is exactly what we are doing. It is a fight to win, thus we are fighting with tactics that will actually work. That’s why the Alliance Party is a political entity: because its purpose is to be effective. It’s designed to deliver actual social change – not just discuss it through talking points and empty promises.

It shouldn't be a complicated task. Transparency in government. Government held to the same laws the rest of us are. Investment in what makes us better, stronger, happier and healthier as a society. That laws can be made honestly. That politicians can be honorable and tell the truth. That we can handle the truth and invest in each other because we believe in each other and those statements are not clichés.

That is why we are here. We are not here for power, prestige, reverence or revolution - we are here for solutions. We can go back to bickering over policy once 1 in 5 American children aren't living below the poverty line, when the median income is higher in real dollars than it was in the 1970's, once we're not running out of resources, once our government is honest, and once we can have faith in our leadership that is truly and honorably earned.

The monied interests that have compromised our society appear parasitic in nature because they are parasitic in nature, and they are not going to remove their jaws from the lifeblood of our society unless they are pried off forcefully. In our country, the force of law must come from legislative action and executive enforcement as functions of state, and thus the representation of our interests in government to enact laws with the strength and teeth to deliver this end is critical.

As implementing our platform requires victory on a large scale, quantified as nothing short of a majority in both houses of Congress, the initial party strategy will focus exclusively on platform outreach, consolidation of support and fundraising.

We will be headquartered in Denver, Colorado – not Washington, because we are not Washington. We seek to create an alliance of all Americans, and thus our base will be at the heart of America, especially since the political priorities of most Coloradans are in line with the Alliance Party platform, making it a natural support base for initial public outreach.

In seeking to attract support and prioritize outreach efforts, the Alliance Party is not seeking to promote candidates at first. In fact, we will not run any candidates in any elections until we have enough support to win on a large scale. Our first goal is to introduce ourselves to the public and take the time to detail our platform and strategy, so that they can meticulously review what we’re trying to do and make their determination on whether to support us. We know their trust is not earned lightly, nor should it be, thus this strategy allows trust to be earned organically, which while slower, is more sincerely founded.

The goal is to recognize that the candidate isn’t really important, as it’s not about them or their ambition for exposure and power. Once again: public service is a service. The focus should be on how we can work together effectively to accomplish critical goals that are right now impossible to achieve in today’s political dynamic. And in order to change that, the party needs to operate as a unit and ensure that momentum and enthusiasm lies with the party as a whole.

This is in contrast to the way we run political movements today, which rely on the charisma of a single person, a candidate who looks great on television by giving lofty speeches about what they’d do if they were in power. But looking great on camera doesn’t make someone an effective leader, it makes them a good talker, and talk is cheap for a reason. We get let down by a politician’s promises because they were not possible to deliver in the first place with the way government is structured today. And even if one commanding leader could somehow deliver, once they leave office, what momentum they had fades with them. This makes sustained progress elusive, especially in a two-party political environment, and is no path to victory in our case.

By placing emphasis on the party as opposed to the candidate, the public has a closer relationship with the transparent party platform. This way they know exactly what they’re buying when they vote for the Alliance Party – they aren’t just voting for a candidate, they’re voting for a party, much in the same way an investor buys stock in a company as opposed to its CEO. By design, as the platform and intent are clear, those elected on the party ticket execute the platform under the watchful eye of the public in the same way construction crews build a skyscraper from blueprints.

Combined with a council-driven leadership that is democratically elected, this structure functions as an internal tool to keep the Alliance Party true to its mandate and source of public support, ensuring that it remains a force of, by and for the people and their interests. Once the platform is sufficiently promoted to the extent where the Alliance Party is a household name, from there, the focus will shift to promoting candidates. Through our resources, whether human or financial, we will solicit interviews for candidates to run at a given race at a given level and build an interactive online platform for potential candidates to be reviewed and promoted by party members on the strength of their ideas.

Anyone who wishes to run for office on the Alliance Party ticket will have the opportunity to do so, including former politicians from other parties. Provided they adhere to party standards of accountability and transparency, we’ll welcome anyone who sincerely wishes to see our goals fulfilled, and the party will promote their candidacy in kind. Once their recognition reaches a certain level and once we have sufficient numbers on a large scale, we will seek ballot placement where we are strong and deploy all resources at once to win as decisively as possible.

This is our strategy laid out in full, transparent by design. And what makes it possible, ultimately, is the internet. We plan on being the first internet-focused political party, because the internet affords us a direct line of communication to the people we aspire to serve. The very reason you're reading this is because of that fact.

Considering that intense voter apathy and disgust with the political establishment contributes to a lackluster turnout where people simply vote for the “lesser of two evils,” if we were even able to reach a few million people online, we could upset a race. And if we were to reach tens of millions, we could mobilize enough people to enact actionable change.

Traditional media may still retain their power, but we’d sooner take a Facebook page or Twitter account with millions of followers alongside a top-shelf web presence where the public can interact with us directly at their leisure. We work for them, and these tools allow them to transparently and verifiably tell us how. People are looking for something better, and we intend to give them what they want.

And we believe that what we’re offering is what people of all types are looking for.

Liberals are drawn to the Alliance Party through the implementation of advanced and environmentally friendly energy technologies through Universal Energy, single-payer healthcare, an increased focus on education, civil infrastructure, corporate + government accountability and civil rights. Additionally, liberals will find attractive the Alliance Party’s firearm regulatory framework that enacts silent yet effective background checks with the purchase of any firearm or component. Lastly, liberals will also find themselves aligned with the Alliance Party’s approach to streamlining our military in favor of actual defense, not empire-building.

Conservatives are drawn to the Alliance Party through the implementation of advanced and environmentally friendly energy technologies that allow us to reach energy independence and spearhead their sale to the rest of the world, opening up massive new business ventures.

They will also find attractive the Alliance Party’s proposed mechanisms to streamline government, investigate public waste, fraud and misconduct, along with the mechanisms to reward socially beneficial companies while penalizing those who act in socially destructive capacities, giving Americans a far higher value for their tax dollar. This is extended through the Alliance Party’s tax framework, as it lowers taxes on all but the ultra-wealthy and gives the upper-middle class a significantly lower tax burden than they face today – and makes America more attractive to invest in with lowered corporate taxes for all but those who profit from social harm.

Libertarians will find their positions on efficient government and government overreach welcome within the Alliance Party, as redundancy, waste and misconduct are ruthlessly investigated within this model. They will also appreciate the approaches the Alliance Party intends to take to re-affirm rights that we lost under oversold justifications and the constitutional amendments that would guarantee that our government must stand for individual liberty.

While ideological differences may exist between the roles of the government in terms of what services it provides, the Alliance Party is here to prove to libertarian-minded individuals that government can work if it is held accountable to performance standards and value of service. And of that value, the Alliance Party intends to give society a much higher value for their tax dollars than received today. Libertarian ideology has merit, but its criticisms of government have never been applied to a government structure that is purpose-engineered to work for the people as a service. I believe that structuring government in this way can deliver the same ends that libertarian ideology seeks, inducing their support for this transparent party platform.

Corporations and their leadership are drawn to the Alliance Party because it lowers taxes for ethical corporations, and provides attractive incentives for corporations to put an increased focus on social welfare. Having the ability to boast a Class A or Class B designation in their investor and public relations campaigns is a major prize. Plus the drive to reach it will help repair the tarnished relationship currently between corporate business and society at large. Separating the wheat from the chaff, this model grants laudable corporations the attention they deserve and allows those of the less laudable variety to conduct their business in a capacity that makes society whole from any harm their business causes.

Government employees are drawn to the Alliance Party because they have less bureaucratic red tape to operate within and have a strong ally in the Government Accountability Agency should they need to speak out on how to improve things or identify failures, knowing that retaliation from their superiors for doing so will be met with them facing criminal and career-ending consequences. It’s absolutely true that most people join government with the intent to make things better, and this framework respects that drive by giving them the actual ability to do so in a high-performing model.

In effect, this attracts more people to public service, as they know the chances of them actually working to improve their country would be higher than they are now, where so many bright-eyed idealists are broken by being made to act as faceless cogs in our massive and self-serving bureaucratic machinery.

Liberals, conservatives, libertarians, corporations and public servants. Gun rights and control advocates, the security-minded, engineers and technocrats. Fiscal hawks, social welfare advocates, champions of education, healthcare, civil rights and public infrastructure. All have their voices heard in this model and the Alliance Party platform. Unless you’re a corrupt politician, an abusive civil servant or a wealthy interest with sinister intentions, you should be drawn to the Alliance Party because it is transparently engineered to draw you in – by giving you and your family, along with everyone else, a superior option for government than we have today.

An end to the constant bickering and political grandstanding. An end to the kowtowing to monied interests that seek agendas contrary to our own, amid the backdrop of political division, incompetent governance and broken promises. And a world powered by technologies that advance us as a civilization and dramatically improve the way our world functions.

This framework is engineered to be that solution that we can consider and adopt should we choose, and if we do, it will function as the servant of public benefit – which is how government should operate regardless.

We are the American Alliance Party – and we are here to work for you. It’s been a long time since someone has, and I’m sorry we’re a little late to the game. We tried our best to get here faster, but we needed to make sure we did this correctly. That our strategy was strong and transparent enough to win this fight, and that it would earn your support so that you might help us see it won.

Currently, the Alliance Party is but a party of few, but it will always be the party of us, and should you stand beside us, it will be the party of many. And as our goals are shared by many, it will be the party of many more, until we are legion. We can be legion because we are the party of the American spirit, not as a cliché, but as a promise, the promise that the American people have ultimate control of our government, that we can hold it accountable for its actions, and that we can ensure it works for us, our interests and our futures.

We are standing by as you read this to welcome you into the alliance we plan to build in the face of the pressing problems of our time, and we’ve already gotten started. Visit http://americanallianceparty.org to join our movement, and we’re asking you – yes, you – to stand beside us. We’d be honored to have you.

Yet as we mobilize our inner strength to do so, there is one final consideration before us to see our ultimate goals fulfilled. That goal is improving the fabric of our society, how we operate within it, and how it molds and shapes us to believe what is important, what is valued, and what is not.

As a collective of individuals, our society is only as strong as the individuals who comprise it, and as individuals of a society, we can only be as strong as the social fabric that binds us together. Sadly as of late, its strength, and thus our strength, has been fading. As a world made possible by Universal Energy is at our fingertips, we can empower ourselves to reach heights that were never before reachable by previous generations. In honor of their efforts to give us a society on which we can build one greater, our obligation to do the same remains.